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March 27, 2015 Spring Conference

Got Data, Now What? - Laura Lipton & Bruce Wellman

Presentation handout


October 3, 2014 Fall Conference

Conference Presenter Resources


What Administrators Need to Know to Support Teachers Who Work With ELLs - Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, Dr. Maria G. Dove, Dr. Audrey Cohan


NYSED CDOS Credential - Joanne LaCrosse   


An Overview of Transition and CDOS - Matthew Jurgens, Eastern Suffolk BOCES


Visioning through Planned Instruction for English language learners and 
struggling students: A journey in the use of sheltered instruction - Ellie Paiwonsky and Dr. Garner Bass

Tne Next Generation Science Standards: Science Education for the 21st Century and Beyond - Theresa Curry & Dr. Mary Loesing

The New Social Studies Standards - Jonathan Klomp, Guerline Joseph & Krystal Barnett

Building Level Data Teams in the Enhancement of the RTI Process - Kings Park Central School District

The Cloud-based School Community - Jonathan Klomp, John Genova, Elizabeth Walsh-Bulger & Dan Rose




Spring Conference 2014 - April 4, 2014

Carol Ann Tomlinson - Differentiation and Common Core: Helping All Learners Succeed with Complex Text

Presentation cover and .pdf of slides

The Bridge Between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's - article


October 4, 2013 Fall Conference

"Education at the Crossroads"

Registration Flyer


Fall October 4, 2014 Conference Brochure

Common Core for the Not So Common Learner K

Common Core for Not So Common Learner presentation   - Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld & Dr. Maria Dove

Tiered Writing Activities for the ELA Common Core Classroom - Judy Dodge

Common Core Unit by Unit - Cheryl Dobbertin

The Power of Explicit Learning Targets to Unleash Student Learning  - Dr. Joan Daly-Lewis

What is Understanding By Design? - Andy Greene

Curriculum, Assessment and Ed Tech Update - Ken Wagner, NYSED

Growing Teacher Leaders: Cultivating, Collaborating & Cooperating - Jen Wolfe, Erin Gilrein & Marguerite Izzo

Implementing an Effective After School Program for Students with Autism - Ellie Becker, Frank Carbone, Jeannine Gulli, Kristen Raszka



May 16, 2013 Spring Networking Meeting
with Dr. Jonah Rockoff 

Student Growth and Value-added Measures of Effective Teaching presentation - pdf version

Student Growth presentation - ppt version

March 1, 2013 Spring Conference with Dr. Michael Fullan

Presentation handout


October 5, 2012 Fall Conference

Finding Optimism in Challenging Times - Ken Slentz, NYSED Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education & Kate Gerson, NYSED Senior Fellow for Common Core and Educator Engagement

Educational Data Portal Update - Dr. Ken Wagner, NYSED Associate Commissioner for Curriculum & Assessment

NYSED ESEA Waiver Update - Ira Schwartz, NYSED Assistant Commissioner for Accountability

Know Math to Teach Common Core Math- The Story of Progressions - Larry Farrell

CCSS Progressions

L Farrelll Models only for LIASCD

L. Farrell Presentation (Full)

DDI – The General Concept of Using Test Results to Improve Instruction - Fred Cohen

Subgroup Analysis by Performance Level

Regents Partcipation Scorecard 2012

2012 Living Environment

2012 ELA Grade 4

2012 Math Grade 8


What Administrators Should Look for in an Effective Common Core-Based Writing Lesson - Ilene Cohn & Sarah Cordova

What to Look For When Assessing and Evaluating The Teaching of Writing I. Cohn & S Cordova Presentation

Adding Value to SLOs Powerpoint- Emma Klimek & David Klecher


Common Core/ELA Literacy -Using Informational Text - Victor Jaccarino & Jonathan Klomp

Literacy Standards for All Subjects

Building Leadership Capacity in High (and varying) Needs Districts - Dr. Veronica McDermott

School as an Oasis of Success - How Fearless Leading Points the Way

Using the SIOP Model - Alison Bruno & Maria Dorr

Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol presentation

The Common Core Standards & ELL Learners - Elizabeth Reveiz-Magnowski

Common Core Standards for ELLs presentation

Partner Work: Practicing Verbal Interaction

Skills Grouping

Syntax Surgery

Total Physical Response

Visual Scaffolding

Language Experience Approach

Leveled Questions

Academic Discussions Worksheet

Academic Discussions



When the State Gives you Lemons:  Making Lemonade Out of the New APPR - Erin Gilrein & Jennifer Wolfe 
When the State Gives you Lemons presentation

Tri-State Rubrics for Assessing Common Core Lessons - Annie Michaelian,
Jill Okurowski & Stephen Toto

Common Core Shifts

Quality Review Rubric for ELA/Literacy

Tri-State Quality Review Rubric & Rating Process  - presentation

Tri-State Activity

Tri-State ELA Rubric



May 22, 2012 Networking Social

NYSED APPR: Overview - Powerpoint

Working to Make Sense of the SLO’s - Powerpoint

NYS Student Learning Objectives -Analytic Rubric for Rating the Quality of SLO Elements

NYS Student Learning Objective Template

NYS Student Learning Objective – High School Global II

NYS Student Learning Objective - 7th Grade Visual Arts

Teacher Sample Calculations

Spring Conference March 30, 2012

The Purposeful Classroom  - Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

Interactions: Focusing on Purpose and Meaningful Work


November 2011 Networking Social

Evidence that Counts: Gathering Meaningful APPR Data to Support High Quality Teacher Evaluations - Dr. Joan Daly Lewis with Dr. Joan Ripley & Mr. Andy Greene


October 2011 Fall Conference
Thoughtful Professional Practice in a Time of Crisis

Rejecting False Dichotomies - Dr. John King, NYS Commissioner of Education

Regents Reform Agenda - Dr. Kristen Huff, Senior Fellow for Assessment, and Ms. Kate Gerson, Senior Fellow for Common Core & Educator Engagement, Regents Research Fund

Response to Intervention - Florence Tuzzi, Patricia Radovich, Donna Robson, Michelle Meskin

Retooling Educators for the 21st Century - Dr. Shawn L. Robertson

Unpacking the APPR Legislation - Dr. Lorna Lewis

East Williston UFSD Teacher Improvement Plan

APPR "Barebones" Plan (NYSCOSS)

Getting Ready for APPR

Refining Classroom Walkthroughs to Better Support the Challenges of APPR - Dr. Joan Daly Lewis

The Impact of ISLLC Standards on Educational Leaders - Dr. Eustace Thompson

The Authentic i-Pad Experience: Learning By Creating for English Language Learners- Dr. Annette Shideler & Elizabeth Reveiz-Magnowski

Effective Questioning Strategies in the Content Area - Dr. Esther Fusco

The Eight Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice - Why We Teach Math!  - Larry Farrell

NYSED Accountability Updates - Ira Schwartz

RTTT: Building Leadership Capacity to Effectively Roll Out Data-Driven Inquiry - Maria Dorr & Susan Simonds


The Framework for Teaching Model : An Overview- Andy Greene

Early Warning Indicators for Students At Risk - Darlene Roces & Ellen Moore

Autism: One Parent's Perspective - Edward J. Nitkewicz, Esq.

Increasing Informational Text in ELA, Social Studies, Science: Integrating Common Core Standards  - Victor Jaccarino, Gloria Sesso, Mary L. Loesing

Assessing Students in the Post Regents Era (FLACS) - Galla Handler, Carmen Campos, Lillian Carey, David Balsamo, Lilliana Policano

APPR Law Update: Evaluating Staff Effectively  - Christine LaPlace, Esq.

The High School Principals's Challenge presentations by Dr. Sean C Feeney, Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Kathleen Acker, Dr. Theodore Fulton, Gene Silverman

Improving Regents Diploma Rate for Students with Disabilities - Mark Secaur & Vera Gallagher

Free Technology Tools to Enhance Formative Assessment - Dr. Jared Bloom


April 1, 2011 Spring Conference with Dr. Richard Elmore

Conference packet

Dr. Richard Elmore's Powerpoint presentation


October 2010 Fall Conference

Conference brochure

The Final Frontier - Tracking High School Students Into College - Joseph Stern and Ellen Moore, Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Common Core State Standards in ELA and Literacy - Erik Sweet, NYSED

What's Next, Data System? - Dr. Ken Wagner, NYSED

The Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards - Rose Tirotta, Hofstra University

Law Update APPR Regulations - Kathy Ahern Esq, Guercio and Guercio, LLP


May 7, 2010 Spring Conference with Dr. Mike Schmoker

The Opportunity: From "Brutal Facts" to the Best Schools We've Ever Had 

Results - The Essential Elements of Improvement


November 18, 2009 Networking Social
3-8 Testing in 2010 - David Flatley


October 16, 2009  Conference Breakouts

Everything You Wanted to Know About Algebra II/Trigonometry 
Bruce Waldner, Syosset CSD

Test Specs Algebra II/Trig

Crosswalk and Tasks

Changes in the Math Curriculum

Literacy Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom 
Valerie Vacchio, Tracy Zambelli, Christine Bartell, Oyster Bay-East Norwich CSD

Understanding By Design Overview (w. Schooling By Design) 
Andrew Greene, Half Hollow Hills CSD

Cultivating Our Inner Resources: Emotional Literacy for School Staff   and CASEL Model for SEL Implentation- Dr. Ron Smith, Dr. Kathleen Corbett, Joan R. Fretz


The What and Why of Twitter - Rose Tirotta, Hofstra University


October 17, 2008 Conference

Conference Program


Kathleen Clarity, NYSED - Supervisor of Education Programs
Standards Review Initiative Summary

Standards Review Working Principles

ELA Report to the Steering Committee 


A. NYSED Update on Accountability - Ira Schwartz, NYSED 
Differentiated Accountability Proposal 
Public Forum on New York State's NCLB Growth Model Proposal


B. Response to Intervention K-12 Implementation - Dr. Joseph Lamelza, Donna Smawley, Roni Loud, Carol Grasso, Maria Bohrer, Debra Mauro, Lindenhurst UFSD

Curriculum Based Measures: The Cornerstone of the RTI Pyramid

C. Classroom Walkthroughs: The Missing Link in Supervision - Dr. Joan Daly-   Lewis

D. NYSED Resources to Support Teaching and Learning Across Content Areas - Lawrence Paska, NYSED 
Resources to Suport Teaching & Learning presentation


E. NYSED Update: Improving Student Achievement in Literacy Across Content Areas - Tracey Bennett, NYSED 
Improving  Student Achievement in Literacy Across Content Areas presentation

F. NYSED Update on Mathematics P-12 (Focus on Commencement Level) - John Svendsen, NYSED

G. NYSED Update on Physical Education/Health Standards, Materials and Assessments  - Patricia Kocialski, NYSED 
Physical Education/Health Standards Information

Guidance for Auditing District Physical Education Compliance

Sample Template

H. Law Topics: Recent Trends and Implications - Bonnie Gorham & Lisa Hutchinson, Associates from Law Offices of Guercio & Guercio, LLP

I. Technology Integration: Applications of Web 2.0 Tools Across Curriculum Areas - Corinne Carriero, Half Hollow Hills CSD

J. Effective Questioning Techniques - Dr. Esther Fusco

K. Incorporating the Big Literacy Ideas into a Thematic Unit - Dr. Esther Fusco, Chris Brown, Jennifer Foley, Jeff Levine, Jeff Spence, Michael Stafanowicz, Central Islip UFSD

L. Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners - Terri Brady-Mendez, Valerie Fernandez Pardo, Suffolk BETAC 
Content Area Instruction and LEP/ELLs - Ways to Enhance Instruction

M. Supporting the Teachers in Data-based Decision Making - Dr. Wafa Westervelt, Long Beach Schools

N. Implementing Geometry - Dr. Joyce Bernstein, East Williston

O. Creating Professional Communities with a Focus on Formative Assessments - Dr. Arnold Goldstein, Ellen Fantauzzi, Pat Krizan 
PLCs Formative Assessments
Activity Sheet- Essential Characteristics

Activity Sheet -Indicators of a PLC

Checking for Understanding

Characteristics of a PLC

PLC Discussion Guideline
PLC Evaluation

P. Senior Year Network Programs - Joan McLachlan, Matt Mandery from the Network Leadership team  Schreiber HS, Calhoun HS, East Meadow HS, Hewlett HS, Wantagh Hs

Senior Experience Handbook

Senior Year Project Requirements

Q. Special Education Update - Dr. Valerie Valenti, Suffolk SETRC

R. Educating SIFE Students  - Ellie Paiewonsky, Lisa Estrada, Mary Stephens, Heather Parris - Fitzpatrick, Nassau BETAC

Fall 2007 Conference 
Registration and Program


May 2007 Conference - Grant Wiggins
Schooling by Design Exercises (PDF)
PowerPoint presentation notes (PDF)


Fall 2006 Conference
"Deconstructing the 3-8 Math Multiple Choice Questions" presented by Three Village Schools (PowerPoint)

"An Instructional leaders' Guide to Technology: Today's Classroom Toolbox" presented by Nassau BOCES and NYIT (PowerPoint)

"NCLB Then and Now" presented by Ira Schwartz (PowerPoint)


May 2006 Conference - James Popham
Are Your State’s NCLB Tests Instructionally Insensitive?
Changing Curricular Horses in Mid-Stream
If I Were America’s Assessment Czar



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