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Spring Networking

Thursday, May 18, 2017

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Melville Marriott, New York

LIASCD Spring Conference 

 Full Day Workshop with 

 Dr. Eric Jensen 

Brain Based Leadership

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Marty Brooks, Ed.D. will present on the “Tri-State Rubric”

Joan Ripley, Ed.D. will present on the “Schools of Opportunity”


We will be discussing methods to highlight student learning and student growth without the measures used in the recent past.  Typical measurements do not garner the importance they once did and as a result are diminishing culturally.  How will schools demonstrate that excellence and merit do exist now and in the future?  What methods and measurements do we now value to assess our schools?  Join us to participate in this thought provoking discussion.

 2016 Fall Conference Presentations with eMaterials Provided

Learning and Growing Together:  An Introduction to Learning Walks Presentation

Presenters:  Katie Fernandez, Jane Wind, Jacqueline Williams-Wedner

CTE:  Helping Students Become College and Career Ready Presentation

Presenters:  Leah Arnold & Robert Van Brunt  


Reaching Out to Build Stronger Relationships Presentation

Presenters:   Dr. Theodore Fulton, Mark Secaur, Alba Gallegos, & Mary Harrison

NYS Science Learning Standards:  From Standards to Curriculum Development Presentation

Presenters:   Dr. Mary Loesing and Joyce Barry

Social Media, Your Code of Conduct and the Law Presentation    Presenter:  Dr. Timothy Eagen 

Handouts:    Social Media Strategies      Apps to Look for    Cyber Security 


Let’s Throw Out Grades for Better Learning Link     Presenter:  Starr Sackstein

The Third Point and The Power of Protocols Presentation     Presenters:   Dr. Joan Ripley & Jennifer Olsen

Handouts:    Meeting Wise Checklist      Meeting Wise Template    

Protocols: Norms   Fears and Hopes  Peeling the Onion  What Comes Up

Graduation Options, Alternate Credentials and the Impact of Self-Determination on Transition Planning

Presenter:           Cathy Pantelides   

Handouts:        CDOS Credential       3 Levels      Diplomas    Promoting SD

Elevating Instruction with Universal Design for Learning Presentation

Presenter: Elizabeth Stein

Legal Update for Administrators

Presenters: Kathy A. Ahern and Erin M. O'Grady-Parent

AP Capstone Presentation

Presenters: Beth Wagner, Catherine Graf, Dr. Darla Smith, Dr. Theodore Fulton

Thinking Fast Thinking Slow: A Conscious Approach to Addressing School Discipline Link

Presenters: Jonathan Klomp & Gary Coppolino

ESSA Update 

Presenter: Ira Schwartz

Acceleration Pathways in Common Core Math

Presenter: Diana Kolhoff



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